Scalp Care

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Posted on February 27 2019

Scalp Care

Exfoliation & Scalp hygiene

Exfoliating & washing helps to get rid of dead skin which may cause bad odours & infections. It will also boost the scalps ability to create new cells. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week if you suffer from dry scalp otherwise once a week should be enough.


Harsh chemicals

Chemicals like hair straightening creams / relaxers have a proven record of damaging/burning the scalp. Eliminating the use of them is the best solution, however if one chooses to use them they should make sure the process is done by a professional to reduce the risks associated with them.


Moisture Balance

Most scalp problems are caused by the scalp being too dry e.g. dandruff.  Avoid using harsh shampoos which may strip the scalp’s natural sebum. If the scalp is too dry, use natural oils sparingly. Our Castorich scalp elixir helps to keep the scalp moisturised & fresh  without adding unnecessary build up,



A well balance diet will help to ensure that the scalp & rest of the body are receiving enough nutrients to produce new healthy cells. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish poultry, grains will ensure that the body has adequate nutrients for full functionality, resulting in a healthy body and head of hair.

A good scalp care routine may help with common scalp problems like dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis , head lice, ringworm etc. In case of persistent or unusual scalp conditions please consult a doctor for medical assistance.

We do not recommend using deep conditioners/conditioners on the scalp as they can cause build-up and clogging.


Recommended products for scalp care:

  • Deww’el Castorich Scalp Alixir        
  • Deww’el Castorich Pomade

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