Washing Natural Hair

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Posted on February 27 2019

Washing Natural Hair



Washing hair is the most important step in any healthy hair care routine. It is most important as any following procedures such conditioning, moisturising and styling depend on how clean and product free the hair is.


Cleansing hair starts with choosing the right shampoo for the hair type in question. Sometimes this process can take trial and error as one should obtain the right balance between actually cleaning the hair and avoiding dryness.


For dry hair choose a moisturising shampoo


For greasy / oily hair choose a chelating shampoo making sure not to leave the hair dry.


Preparing natural hair for washing (this step depends on the length and curl pattern of the hair)


Mid-length to longer length – Part hair into smaller workable sections – loosely twist or braid hair & wash hair in the twisted sections, this will minimise shrinkage which can lead to the  formation of knots & tangles.


Shorter lengths – Shorter hair can be washed in its loose state as it does not tangle as much as longer hair.


Note that much looser hair textures may not need to be put in sections as this type of hair does not shrink as much.


After cleansing natural hair should feel clean & product build up free. Hair should not feel too striped or too dry as this can cause tangling and breakage. Use a non-abrasive material like t-shirt cotton to dab off excess water.

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